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Light after dead

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Dying Light is an open-world video game that challenges you to survive a zombie horde alone or with some buddies.

Dying Light is a video game that mixes a lot of different elements and achieves great success in doing so. This is a survival horror game set in an open world. It features a first-person shooter perspective, but movement isn’t slow and methodical. Instead, the movement — perhaps best described as hardcore parkour — lets you move at a frenetic pace but with great precision.

The movement, and to a lesser extent the combat, is what really makes Dying Light tick. You’ll be running from powerful zombies — especially at night — and circumventing massive hordes as much as you’ll be fighting them. You’ll also get a grappling hook and be able to scale the highest peaks in the game. Speaking of weapons, you’ll build them via blueprints. The early weapons are standard fare, but you’ll be creating Dead Rising-like combinations sooner than later.

Dying Light is arguably at its best when you’re playing with others. It really does offer a superb co-op experience. You can play with friends or find co-op partners through a matchmaking feature. Multiplayer is drop-in, drop-out and feels pretty smooth most of the time.

The game does a great job of making you feel the pressure. Whether it’s trying to achieve an objective while avoiding a relentless assault of fast-moving zombies or finding yourself far from base when the sun goes down, you’ll feel these moments in a tangible way. Nighttime is particularly special and truly feels like a different game due to faster, harder zombies and limited navigation.

The biggest problem with Dying Light is that the story is often uninspired and borders on ridiculous at times. It all seems so incredibly forgettable, and yet it really doesn’t matter. Dying Light is all about the gameplay and co-op, and even a bad story can’t undermine how successful those elements are.


  • Open-world survival horror
  • First-person gameplay
  • Fast-paced and diverse movement
  • Superb co-op experience


  • Story leaves a lot to be desired

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